Getting Root Canal Treatment before Valentine’s Day Allows You to Smile Brightly

Getting Root Canal Treatment before Valentine’s Day Allows You to Smile Brightly

Feb 01, 2021

An extensively decayed tooth causing severe pain and sensitivity when eating and chewing makes your smile looked like a grimace every time you meet anyone. With Valentine’s Day approaching on February 14, 2021, you may want to be at your smiling best. You may have gone to the dentist near you to understand what’s wrong with your tooth only to receive information you need root canal treatment before the big day if you want to display your best smile.

If your dentist recommends that you undergo root canal treatment, it indicates you have a severe infection within your tooth that needs eradication from a specialist. The dentist’s recommendation shouldn’t scare you because the treatment relieves you from the pain you currently experience and helps to put your best foot forward on Valentine’s Day. However, as time is limited and the treatment needs at least a couple of visits to the dentist’s office, you must schedule an appointment with the family dentist in Merritt Island, FL, immediately for the facility to organize your procedure.

What Can You Expect When You Visit the Merritt Island Dentist

You can expect the dentist to examine and x-ray your tooth to determine your dentist’s diagnosis and to view the extent of the damage within your tooth.

The root canal procedure itself is routine for specialists who perform at least four root canals every day compared to merely one or two every week by general dentists. The specialist starts the procedure after administering local anesthesia in the gums around the affected tooth. Do not expect to fall asleep on the dentist’s chair because you remain awake during the procedure. However, you will not feel any pain from the process as the dentist would have anesthetized your mouth.

The specialist aims to remove the damaged pulp from within your tooth by making a small opening on the crown to expose it. You may think drilling your tooth is scary and will hurt, but you must understand the anesthesia ensures the process is entirely painless.

After exposing the damaged or infected pulp, the dentist carefully remove it using special instruments. The professionals are conscientious about cleaning out all the canals in your tooth. After removing the infected or inflamed pulp, the dentist coats the area with a topical antibiotic ensuring eradication of the infection and preventing reinfection. After the canals are cleaned and disinfected, rubber-like material gutta-percha is filled by the dentist to seal the tooth. The tiny access hole made by the dentist on the crown of your tooth is served at the end of the procedure with a temporary material to prevent your canals from damages by your saliva.

What Happens after Undergoing Root Canal Treatment

You experience soreness in your gums after the anesthesia starts wearing off. Swelling in your gums is also a reality. The dentist at your family dental recommends over-the-counter painkillers to manage any discomfort you feel after undergoing root canal therapy. They also recommend having a permanent restoration on the affected tooth to safeguard it from cracking or fractures.

Why Safeguard an Affected Tooth

Root canal treatment entails removing the infected or inflamed pulp leaving your tooth hollow from within. The tooth can survive without the pulp, but the procedure would have rendered your tooth fragile, making it susceptible to cracks and fractures. It is why the dentist recommends having the tooth restored permanently with a filling or a crown.

You may think why the dentist did not recommend protecting the tooth initially before recommending root canal treatment. It helps to understand comparisons between a root canal vs. crown gets you nowhere because the first is a procedure to remove infections from within your tooth. The second enables you to restore the appearance and functionality of the infected tooth. Therefore you must visit your dentist after the restorative procedure to have a permanent crown customized for you.

Dr. Lorraine Riopedre-Gomez recommends that you maintain excellent oral hygiene after undergoing root canal treatment and continue the habit throughout your life. The practice helps ensure you are never again affected by any issues that may need intensive treatments like root canals. Following the specialist’s advice allows you to enjoy the positive results of root canal treatments for a lifetime.

As time is short before Valentine’s Day must schedule an appointment with the specialist immediately if you want the procedure completed and the dental crown placed on your tooth without delay. If you’re lucky, you may get a fantastic opportunity to enjoy Valentine’s 2021 with a great smile after a gloomy 2020.

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