How to Maintain Dental Health After a Halloween Party and Eating Candies

How to Maintain Dental Health After a Halloween Party and Eating Candies

Oct 14, 2020

The thrill of a party can make you sideline your health for a while. It is easy to chew in every candy bar that comes your way during Halloween. However, the consequences of the amount of sugar you consume may not be evident until a later time.

While keenness on your oral health should not make you neglect your need for fun during a Halloween party, you need to be informed about the ways you can care for your health afterward.

More About Candies and Dental Health

One underplayed fact about dental health is that sugar had multiple negative effects. With deliberate efforts to care for your mouth, you will quickly learn that sugars negatively impact teeth.

Ideally, the artificial sugars from food break down into acids in your mouth. The acids combine with bacteria and saliva in your mouth, causing corrosion. Gradually, the enamel of your teeth thins out, making your teeth fragile and vulnerable to many dental issues.

For one, you may experience significant dentin hypersensitivity. The discoloration of your teeth will also come about as your enamel thins out. Aside from that, the thinning of your enamel will cause dental cavities and tooth decay. All these problems compound into other severe oral problems like abscessed teeth and multiple decayed teeth.

What Treatments Do You Need after Eating Many Candies?

The safest way to care for your teeth after eating too many candies for a day is to start some treatments. A dentist in Merritt Island will recommend different treatments that strengthen teeth and remove any damages thereof. Some of the treatments that could benefit you after eating too many sugary foods include:

  1. Dental cleaning – this is a professional deep cleaning service offered at your Family Dental that ensures the thorough cleaning of your mouth. The treatment is offered to ensure that your teeth are brushed, glosses, and rinsed effectively. It is a great way to rid your mouth of any residue food debris, along with acids from the candies.
  2. Cavity removal – this is a treatment that helps treat dental cavities to prevent advanced tooth decay. Dr. Martin Megregian notes that numerous patients in dental facilities come in with dental cavities. Cavity removal is a treatment that could incorporate different procedures, ranging from tooth extraction, dental restorations and repairs with a dental crown, filling of damaged teeth, to procedures like root canal therapy.
  3. Teeth whitening – it is a procedure for brightening your teeth after discoloration. As your teeth incur cavities and the enamel continues to thin out, you can anticipate dulling of the color thereof. A teeth whitening procedure can help maintain the shine and brightness of your teeth.
  4. Dental sealants – before cavities form, you can have dental seats applied to your back teeth. This is especially beneficial for children, to help safeguard their teeth from bacteria causing infection and dental decay.

How to Maintain Your Teeth After Halloween

Any of the above-mentioned treatments will work well for the health of your teeth. If for nothing else, you can rest assured that any potential damage to your teeth is mitigated by those treatments. However, it is not enough to go through the treatments alone. How you care for your teeth at home after a Halloween party will inform how healthy your teeth remain. Some tips for proper maintenance include:

  1. Brush your teeth at least twice – even after a deep cleaning procedure by a dentist, you need to keep up with proper oral hygiene. Brush twice a day, with a keen interest in the night. This way, as you sleep, you do not leave active bacteria in your mouth throughout the night.
  2. Floss – any sugars trapped between your teeth can be hazardous if left untouched. Floss properly to remove them.
  3. Rinse your mouth – gargling saltwater or even freshwater can help keep your mouth clean and fresh at all times. You should consider doing this immediately you are done eating your candies. Afterward, give it a rest for about 30 minutes, then brush your teeth.
  4. Eat healthy – now that the party is over, insist on choosing healthy foods for your meals. Try chewing hard raw foods like carrots or apples.

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