Mitigative Measures Taken by the Dentistry Associations on the Use of PPEs to Curb Covid-19 Spread

Mitigative Measures Taken by the Dentistry Associations on the Use of PPEs to Curb Covid-19 Spread

Jul 01, 2020

The implementing of guidelines given by the dental associations will ensure you and your dental health specialist are safe. You can visit your dentist freely for an appointment during the pandemic for emergency treatment and other arrangements. Personal protective equipment will be vital for infection control

Appropriate use of PPE will prevent you from getting into contact with the dentist’s mucosal membrane fluids and respiratory droplets. PPEs are crucial for your dental practitioners during the use of aerosols that may contain blood or saliva generated during a procedure.

What does Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Entail?

PPEs refer protective gears such as masks, gloves and gowns used in an emergency room by your dentist during a surgical procedure. They are vital in ensuring your safety as a patient and for your dentist. They protect your hygienist from cross-contamination by harmful substances.

During the covid_19 pandemic, the PPEs will serve as protective tools for your dental practitioner to avoid the spread of SARS-CoV-2 viral infection.

Guidelines that your Dentistry needs to follow

All your dental practitioners must follow the guidelines listed below to ensure safety:

  • Use of personal protective equipment during all dental appointments should be a must for infection control
  • Hygiene should be observed for your hands as you visit the dentist. Use alcohol-based sanitizers to clean them.
  • The emergency room needs to be regularly disinfected after every surgical procedure.
  • Reduce the risk of treatment in a facility and use teledentistry to seek dental help. Your dentist should prioritize on emergency cases.
  • The number of specialists in a dental facility is limited, and your hygienist needs to prioritize on the use of respirators rather than aerosols during generating procedures.
  • Priority should be given to emergency dental issues, and other appointments should be virtually addressed or rescheduled.

Consequences of not using PPE in healthcare will be stern, and it’s essential to adhere to the laid guidelines during your dental appointments. The dentist near you needs to uphold these guidelines to ensure safety.

Various PPEs for Safety during Dental Appointments

Covid -19 is spread through a mucosal membrane; it would be helpful if you use respiratory protection during visits to your dentist. Your dentist needs to select appropriate equipment while handling contaminated equipment, instruments, or operation surfaces is vital. Viral infections may be transmitted through dental procedures. To ensure infection control, dentist in Merritt Island embraces the following PPE compliance checklist during dental procedures:

Use of Surgical Face Masks

3-ply surgical face masks protect you and your dentist from getting infected through aerosols, by covering your mucosal tissues. They need to have a high efficacy in particulate filtration. It would help if you considered using the right face mask to protect yourself from infection.

Protect Your Eyes Using Glassware

During dental procedures that involve blood and saliva, your dentist should put on eyewear. Standard glasses have a robust shield that can protect the eyes from materials generated during the dental process. The lens also keeps you dentist’s eye membranes from harmful vapor, chemicals or liquids that may harm the eyes.

Wearing Lab Coats and Protective Gowns

Your dentist needs to use gowns to protect the skin against contact with fluids during an invasive surgical procedure. A lab coat of long-sleeved attire can be useful to cover your practitioner against fluids in the emergency room.

Protective clothing needs to be changed daily to prevent the spread of diseases. The attire can be put on repeatedly if no contamination’s evident.

Curbing Covid-19 at Our Dentistry in Merritt Island

At Your Family Dental, we perform various dental procedures, and we encourage you to call us before visiting our dental offices. We are willing to use virtual appointment and teledentistry to serve you in addressing various dental issues.

We will advise you on various home therapies during the novel covid-19 pandemic. Dr Elizabeta Cokovska utilizes appropriate procedures to ensure safety during dental appointments. He recommends you to maintain hygiene and follow all the laid protocol to ensure you are safe.

Our dentistry is following all the laid out guidelines and regulations, as basic standards to curb the spread of coronavirus. We have avoided the use of aerosols, and we are using alternative techniques to avoid exposure to contaminated fluids.

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