Explained: Teeth Whitening Procedure in MerrittIsland, FL

Explained: Teeth Whitening Procedure in MerrittIsland, FL

Nov 05, 2020

Teeth whitening is a procedure that fixes teeth discoloration.Whitening has proved to be the best procedure when it comes to discolored teeth.Once properly done, your smile will improve, so as your self-confidence. What is good about this procedure is that it is simple and doesn’t take long.

There is a lot of information on teeth whitening, but not all of it is correct.The wrong information can lead to serious problems. For instance, if you don’t do it correctly, you may end up damaging your teeth. This article aims at ensuring you have the right information concerning this procedure.

What Causes Teeth Discoloration?

Knowing what might have caused your teeth discoloration is important. These are the common causes of teeth discoloration.

Tobacco Use

Smoking tobacco can cause teeth discoloration in people of all ages. Chewing tobacco will also stain your teeth. If your teeth are still white, consider quitting smoking. It is important to note that your teeth will still be discolored if you continue smoking after a whitening procedure.

Staining Foods and Drinks

Common drinks that cause teeth discoloration include colas, wines, coffee, and tea. If your teeth aren’t discolored yet, you should avoid these drinks. We also advise patients to avoid these staining foods and drinks after undergoing the whitening procedure.

Certain Dental Diseases

Certain diseases that affect the teeth enamel will cause discoloration.Preventing these diseases will keep your teeth white. Proper oral hygiene will help keep most dental diseases at bay. This way, you get to maintain your beautiful smile.

Poor Oral Hygiene

Maintaining proper oral hygiene will keep your teeth white and strong. You can prevent teeth discoloration by brushing and flossing your teeth on a regular basis.

Zoom Teeth Whitening Procedure

This is a common teeth whitening process that dentists use to fix teeth discoloration. Before the procedure, professional teeth cleaning is necessary. The preparation before the procedure involves covering your lips and gums to expose the teeth.

Once the teeth are exposed, our dentist will apply the zoom hydrogen peroxide gel on your teeth. We do use the zoom lightto enable the gel to penetrate your teeth. The zoom light also enables the gel to work on the stains on your teeth. The dentist will leave the gel in place for 15 minutes after activating the light.

Our dentist will apply the gel again twice after every 15 minutes. The whole procedure should take less than an hour. Zoom teeth whitening procedure is safe, effective, and fast.

The dentist will give you an aftercare kit after the procedure. You will also be given instructions on how to use the kit. To ensure your teeth don’t get stained again, strictly follow your dentist’s instructions.

Laser Teeth Whitening Procedure

This is another safe and effective whitening procedure.It is a professional procedure that requires a dentist. You won’t be able to do it at home on your own. For this procedure, the dentist will first place a rubber dam in your mouth. The rubber dam will protect your gums by preventing any damage.

Our teeth whitening dentist will apply the whitening gel on your teeth.After the gel application, the dentist will use laser light to activate the gel. The whitening elements in the gel penetrate the teeth and remove the stains. In about an hour, the process should be over.

This is an expensive whitening procedure. The good this is that it is worth every cent since it is effective. It will whiten your teeth and give you a perfect smile.

If you have sensitive teeth, you should talk to your dentist before this procedure. The procedure is not also suitable for patients below 16years and pregnant mothers. If you are in any of the above groups, your dentist will recommend an alternative procedure.

Your Family Dental Teeth Whitening

Our team of qualified dentists will restore your perfect smile if you have discolored teeth. You only need to book an appointment with us. We know how important a smile is to you, and our dentist will make sure you smile again.

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