What Can You Expect with Root Canal Treatment?

What Can You Expect with Root Canal Treatment?

Jan 01, 2021

The mention of root canal treatment is sufficient to send anyone into a mind-boggling tizzy even after visiting a dentist with inflamed and infected pulp within their tooth. The inflammation or infection could result from various issues like chipped or cracked teeth, injuries to the tooth damage in the pulp without any visible cracks or chips, or repeated procedures on the same tooth. It is natural for people to fear root canal treatment because of the reputation and myths surrounding the therapy. However, if they attempt to understand the root canal treatment steps, they will realize it relieves them rather than cause pain. Let us explain the procedure to make people research root canal near me to find relief instead of enduring the tooth pain.

The Root Canal Procedure Explained

People choosing to have root canal treatment in Merritt Island can rest assured the treatment is performed in a couple of visits entailing the following steps.

The dentist performing the procedure takes x-rays of the tooth before administering local anesthesia. A dental dam is placed by the dentist as a protective sheet to isolate the tooth and maintain it clean and free from saliva during the procedure.

After the tooth is numb, the dentist makes a tiny opening in the crown of the tooth to expose the dental pulp. Small instruments help the dentist to clean the pulp from the pulp chamber and root canals for shaping the space and filling it.

After cleaning and shaping the space, a biocompatible material is used to fill the root canals. The material is rubber-like and called gutta-percha. The placement of gutta-percha happens with an adhesive cement ensuring complete sealing of the root canals. A temporary filling closes the tiny opening in the crown of the tooth. The temporary filling is removed before restoring the tooth.

After the final visit to the Root canal dentist, people must visit their regular dentist to have a restoration or dental crown placed on the tooth for protection and repair to full functionality.

If the tooth does not have sufficient structure to hold a restoration, a post is placed inside the tooth by the Root canal dentist. People can inquire with the dentist for additional details about the unique repair planned for their tooth.

Will a Treated Tooth Need Special Attention?

People are advised not to chew or bite with the treated tooth until they have it restored by their dentist. The treated tooth is susceptible to fractures because it is fragile, and people must visit their dentist for a comprehensive restoration as soon as possible. Besides the above, people can practice good oral hygiene habits, including brushing, flossing, regular dental exams, and cleaning.

Most teeth treated by your family dental last for as long as other natural teeth. In some cases, a tooth undergoing root canal treatment does not heal, or the pain continues. Sometimes the tooth may become painful or diseased months or years after successful treatment. In such instances, Dr. Martin Megregian recommends redoing the procedure to preserve the tooth.

What to Expect After Root Canal Treatment?

Patients can experience some sensitivity, swelling, and discomfort immediately after root canal treatment. Some may experience an uneven bite or reactions to the medications provided by the Root canal dentist. A follow-up appointment is required whenever such instances are noted.

Root canal treatments have a fearsome reputation as being incredibly painful. Fortunately, the myths are just myths and nothing more. Root canal dentists are experts at pain management and ensure people undergo the therapy without any discomfort or pain. Any discomfort experienced by the patient is after the surgery, which is quite normal. Here again, the dentist recommends or prescribes painkillers to provide the relief the patient needs.

After undergoing root canal treatment, people can expect relief from the pain they were experiencing from the infected or inflamed tooth. The dentist would have removed the infected pulp from within the tooth and disinfected it thoroughly to ensure all bacteria are eliminated. People can expect their natural tooth to appear and function as usual without causing undue stress after having the tooth restored by a permanent filling or dental crown.

People recommended root canal treatments must be happy to undergo the same because it helps them find relief from the pain they had been enduring and lead life usually. Leaving the tooth untreated causes multiple health issues that people wouldn’t want. Therefore the better option would be to undergo root canal treatment and get over the problem as soon as possible.

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