Why Struggle with Gapped Teeth When They Can Be Nicely Bonded

Why Struggle with Gapped Teeth When They Can Be Nicely Bonded

Jul 01, 2020

Many people are proud of the gaps between the teeth. Celebrities and models are prominently displaying gaps between their front two teeth. However, it does not mean that people with severe issues with the gaps that are impacting their functionality, speaking, and eating correctly should continue living with the problem when they can quickly rediscover their smile with teeth bonding.

You must be confident you can say goodbye to gaps because the good news is just around the corner. You will have choices like orthodontic treatments that can correct the gaps between your teeth but require a couple of years before you witness any changes. The problem of wearing orthodontic appliances like braces will also cause embarrassment to you, especially if you are also dealing with other issues like staining. You may also be held back by the prices of orthodontic treatments that, for most, are cost-prohibitive.

How to Close Minor Gaps between Your Teeth?

If you are wary of wearing braces or spending a considerable sum of money to treat the problem with your teeth, you must consider an alternative such as dental bonding that is affordable and allows you to show off your pearly whites in a single appointment with your dentist.

Why should you consider eliminating the gaps between your teeth? Besides the cosmetic appeal of having a perfect and straight smile eliminating the disparities will reduce risk factors like tooth decay. Gaps, in some instances, make the task of brushing and flossing easier. On the other hand, they also allow food particles and bacteria to accumulate between the teeth heightening the risks of tooth decay and gingivitis.

If you are happy with the gaps, follow excellent oral hygiene regimen, and also visit your dentist regularly for cleanings, you may not need to consider eliminating the disparities. However, if you are unhappy with your appearance or suffer from oral health problems because of the gaps, dental bonding is a perfect solution that can help you to overcome the issue.

What Is Dental Bonding and How Can It Help You?

Dental bonding is a cosmetic procedure in which your dentist will apply a tooth-colored composite resin to your teeth and bond it in place. Bonding is a cost-effective solution because it is inexpensive compared to other dental procedures like dental crowns and veneers.

Dental bonding a simple and can be completed in a single sitting at the dentist’s office. Unlike other dental procedures, dental bonding does not require anesthesia unless you also want to have cavities filled.

Teeth bonding can fix defects and imperfections within a tooth. Many people are using bonding to repair discolored, decayed, cracked, and to close small gaps between the teeth. To begin the process, your dentist will use a guide to choose the color of the composite resin to match the color of your natural teeth closely. The dentist will roughen the surface of the tooth and apply a liquid to allow the bonding agent to stick to the tooth. The composite resin will be applied over the liquid and hardened with ultraviolet light. Your dentist can alter the shape of the tooth after the resin solidifies. The procedure is speedy without any downtime. You can continue with your regular daily routine if you do not need anesthesia for filling cavities. The treatment will be over within 30 to 60 minutes unless you also need other dental work performed.

Are You a Candidate for Dental Bonding?

You must schedule an appointment with the dentist in Merritt Island to understand if you are a candidate for dental bonding. If you have severe tooth decay or damage, Dr. Martin Megregian from Your Family Dental will recommend dental crowns or veneers. However, if you are fortunate and are not affected by any other issues, you can walk out of the dentist’s office gleaming from ear to ear.

The short time you spend at the dentist’s office will boost your confidence because the bonding procedure would have eliminated the gaps between your teeth. The treatment would have come at an affordable price costing you just $ 300-$ 600 per tooth, unlike other restorations, which can require thousands.

Dental bonding gives you an affordable method of saying goodbye to gapped teeth and begin smiling as though the gaps never existed.

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