Your Teenager not Ready for an Implant Here’s What We Can Do Instead

Your Teenager not Ready for an Implant Here’s What We Can Do Instead

Aug 01, 2019

When your kid loses one of their teeth, it is really painful and you should always plan out a way to restore that tooth as soon as possible. You need to contact dentists like Your Family Dental to take care of your dental problems. Your doctor will suggest you get an implant as it can enhance your experience with its durability.

But kids of a certain age are not allowed to get dental implants as their jaw needs to develop before they get it done. Natural teeth develop along with the jaw, but due to the characteristics of a dental implant, it may hinder the growth of your child’s jaw.

For females, the age of jaw development is around 20 years whereas that of a male is 21 years. These are the guidelines that dentists follow. But it depends on the person. Some people grow up faster than others. So make sure you explain your situation to your dentist and then take an informed decision.

During this waiting period, you can install a temporary replacement for your kid. There are two temporary replacements, it is either a partial denture or a fixed modified bridge.

A bridge will affix a prosthetic tooth in the space of your missing tooth. It is attached to the back of your natural teeth and it is fixed with a bonded dental material. Your dentist will make sure that it is attached perfectly and there is no scope of moving it. Also, unlike normal bridges, these supporting teeth are not permanent in nature. You can get it removed once your kid grows old enough to get a dental implant done.

As these are not a permanent solution, you need to make sure that you keep a reminder after a few years that will remind you or your child to get the dental implants done. If you forget to get it done, you might end up damaging your teeth.

Also, before taking a decision on whether to go for dental implants or a bridge or a denture, make sure that you research well from wherever you can. It can be from the internet or from patients review. It is really necessary to choose the right dentist for your kid’s treatment.

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