Dental Fillings in Merritt Island

Dental Fillings in Merritt Island

Our emergency dentists at Your Family Dental in Merritt Island are experts at preventative dental care. And when tooth decay is spotted, a dental filling may be required. After the tooth decay has been removed, a variety of materials can be used to fill in space.

While is it always wise to consult a dentist near you about these materials, here are the materials that you might have access to.

Silver Amalgam Fillings

These have been used often for many years, and they are resistant to wear. They are also one of the more inexpensive options. Because of their dark appearance though, they are quite noticeable.

Composite Resins

Resin fillings are used to match the same color of your teeth, creating a much less noticeable filling for your teeth. These have become the preferable type of filling used because of this fact. The downside of this material is that the resin is not as durable as other materials and will usually need replacement anywhere from a few years to 10 years later. It is also more prone to staining from foods and tobacco use.

Porcelain Fillings

These fillings can last for quite some time, typically around 15 years or even longer. They are also more resistant to staining than composite resin. Because of these added advantages, porcelain fillings can cost as much as gold fillings.

Gold Fillings

Gold fillings are considered to be one of the best materials for dental fillings. It doesn’t corrode and can withstand chewing forces very well. It is also has a better visual appeal than the dark silver amalgam. Perhaps best of all, gold fillings can last up to 20 years, or even longer. It is also one of the most expensive options.

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Dental fillings are excellent ways to maintain tooth structure and restore dental health. But the best way to ensure oral and dental health is to take the proper preventative measures. This begins with having regular check-ups with your dentist. Come visit us at Your Family Dental in Merritt Island, FL 32953 or give us a call, and schedule your appointment today for a healthy smile!

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