Emergency Dental Care in Merritt Island

Emergency Dental Care in Merritt Island

How to Treat Common Dental Emergencies

The longer a dental emergency is overlooked, the more likely permanent damage will result. The cost of treatments for any permanent damage is high.

The doctors and the team of oral healthcare professionals at Your Family Dental, located near you in Merritt Island, want to educate their patients, current and new, on how to treat common dental emergencies.

Below is a list of six common emergencies and a description of the advised treatment:

Facial Swelling

Swelling will occur in the cheeks and the gums as the immune system reacts to an infection within the oral cavity. It is important to seek dental care as soon as possible before the infection spreads.

Knocked-Out Tooth

This is a common emergency occurring after an accident or an injury from sports. If the reactions to a dislodged tooth are quick and proper, the tooth can be saved.

If a tooth becomes completely dislodged and it’s recovered, handle the tooth as little as possible. Before the trip to either the dentist’s office or the emergency room, try and place the tooth back in its socket while gently biting down on a moistened gauze or a wet tea bag.

If the tooth cannot be held in the socket, rinse the tooth of all visible dirt and place it in either a glass of cold milk or saliva until you reach emergency care. It is also beneficial to gently apply a cold compress on the tooth’s socket.


A toothache can be severe making it difficult to eat, sleep or concentrate. A sharp, constant pain to a single tooth could be a cavity, decay or gum disease. Any over-the-counter pain reliever will help for a short time, but the underlying problem will not be treated. A same-day appointment with your dentist should be made immediately.

Broken/Cracked/Chipped Tooth

It will be important to try and save any tooth pieces. Your mouth and the tooth pieces should be rinsed with warm water. A cold compress should be applied to the face at the site of the injury to reduce swelling. If there is bleeding, then bite down on a piece of gauze or a wet tea bag and call your dentist for an emergency appointment.

Lost Crown/Filling

The loss of a filing or a crown could be a sign of decay underneath. You should call your dentist for a same-day appointment.

If you have the crown but cannot get an emergency appointment with your dentist, then coat the inner surfaces of the crown with an over-the-counter dental cement to temporarily keep the crown in place.

Objects Between Teeth and Gums

If something becomes lodged between the teeth and gums that cannot be removed with floss, then try tying knots in the floss to help with the dislodge. If this does not work, do not use any sharp objects as the teeth and gums could get cut. You need to call your dentist for a same-day appointment.

If, or when, you experience any of the above emergencies, please call the oral healthcare professionals at Your Family Dental, located in Merritt Island, where new patients are always welcome.

Your Family Dental is trained in emergency dentistry, as well as other treatments and procedures in general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

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