Fluoride Treatments in Merritt Island

Fluoride Treatments in Merritt Island

If you’ve been going to the dentist near you from an early age, you’re familiar with being asked to use a fluoride rinse. Although patients may dread this as a child, they are always thankful for their oral health once they grow up. Your Family Dental wants to exceed the expectations you have for what dental treatment should look like. Fluoride treatments are the most fundamental of dental services, but why are they so important? Continue reading to find out!

What is Fluoride and Where Does it Come From?

Many are oblivious to the fact that fluoride is indeed a mineral that is both naturally occurring, and found in water, food, and other common substances. Fluoride is of great benefit to dental patients, as it can help remineralize the enamel of the tooth. This proves to be of great help to dental patients that suffer from tooth sensitivity, and even for younger patients that need extra help in making sure that their teeth grow strong.

Should You Be Worried About the Use of Fluoride?

There has recently been a call to action about whether or not to use fluoride in your day-to-day habits. A negative reputation has become more and more apparent with the use of fluoride, but this usually stems from a lack of knowledge of what it truly is and the fact that it is naturally derived. However, it is up to you to do the correct research to know whether or not fluoride is a mineral that you want in the diets of you and your children.

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