Root Canal Treatment in Merritt Island, FL

Root Canal Treatment in Merritt Island, FL

Root Canal Treatment in Merritt Island

Have you or someone in your family been told that root canal treatment is needed to restore a smile? If so, are you now concerned that the treatment will evoke pain like some of the stories you’ve heard concerning root canal therapy? If so, Your Family Dental has great news for you! There have been many advancements made in root canal treatments in Merritt Island, so concerns such as yours are a thing of the past!

The following are some of the most commonly asked questions we receive in our Merritt Island dentist office. We hope their answers provide you with the assurance you need to make an appointment for a root canal treatment near you today!

Why do people need root canals in the first place?

Root canal treatment is typically required when the tissues – also known as the pulp — in the root of a tooth are damaged from decay and infection. Without root canal treatment, the infection can spread into other parts of the anatomy which can create a whole new set of health concerns.

What makes root canal treatment better today than it was in the past?

Like every advancing technology, dental practices such as Your Family Dental now use computer technology as a way to determine what’s happening inside the tooth without having to use manual prodding with dental instruments. This results in a pain-free examination and treatment plan for root canals in Merritt Island. If you’ve been searching for a “dentist near me in Merritt Island” that has technology such as this, your search is over! Call us to make an appointment today!

How is the need for a root canal diagnosed?

At Your Family Dental, the diagnosis for root canal treatment consists of your tooth first being scanned with the technology already mentioned so we can look inside the tooth to determine how many root canals are present. We’ll also be able to assess the shape and the size of the canals, take measurements of them and determine how the nerve canals are constructed. All of this information is then used to establish the best course of treatment for your smile restoration in Merritt Island, 32953.

How can I get more information about root canals in Merritt Island?

Looking for an emergency dentist near you in Merritt Island to perform root canal treatment? Why not make an appointment with Your Family Dental now to answer any additional questions you may have.

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