Veneers in Merritt Island

Veneers in Merritt Island

If your smile does not look as perfect as you desire, veneers are an option for the correction of your smile. At Your Family Dental in Merritt Island, 32953, we provide dental veneers that can transform the look of your smile so that you feel confident and ready for the world.

Veneers are used to fix imperfections like chips in teeth, gaps between teeth, or misshapen teeth. They are thin covers bonded to your teeth, giving them a more even appearance. Even teeth that are discolored can look brighter with veneers from our dental clinic. There are several options when it comes to dental veneers for your mouth.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are strong and each one is custom-made to fit the shape of your tooth. These veneers are made of a thin porcelain shell that is bonded to the front part of teeth – the visible side.

They look like your natural teeth, so nobody will be able to tell you have had dental work done. If you were thinking of getting a crown, a veneer is another option that can prevent as much enamel removal as crowns require. With proper care, you don’t have to worry about stains on the surface.

Composite Resin Veneers

With these veneers, you do not need as much of the enamel removed to bond them onto teeth. Composite veneers cost much less than porcelain veneers, but they are not as strong either. If they become damaged or worn down, they can easily be fixed by a visit to the dentist near you.

Composite resin is placed on the tooth that needs treatment as is sculpted to match the shape of your natural teeth. A light is used on the area to harden the resin and bond it to the tooth. Then your dentist will smoothen and polish it to look just like your natural teeth.

If you find that your smile is not the way you desire, stop by our office for high-quality dental veneers in Merritt Island. We provide comprehensive dental care, including veneers, other cosmetic dentistry services, and emergency dentistry, so you can be confident and have a beautiful smile that lasts for a lifetime.

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