Dental Veneers in Merritt Island

Our teeth are one of the first things people see so having a great smile can make a great first impression and boost our confidence and self-esteem.

If you’re not feeling confident about your smile then porcelain or composite-resin veneers might be the answer.

What cosmetic problems do veneers cover?

Veneers are designed to cover minor imperfections such as:

  • Stains that whitening can’t remove
  • Chips in otherwise healthy teeth
  • Unsightly cracks
  • Minor gaps so you can avoid orthodontic treatment and get a straighter look

You can apply veneers to a single tooth or all of them to achieve your perfect smile.

Veneers give you a straighter, whiter, ideal smile

A full mouth of healthy teeth looks great and helps you look more youthful.  But more important than that, filling in gaps between your teeth is really important to oral health.

  • Gaps are perfect places for bacteria to hide which can lead to dental disease.
  • The bone underneath missing teeth can begin to deteriorate because it’s not in use and will eventually alter the shape of your jaw and face.
  • The gaps allow remaining teeth to move around and can eventually leave them misaligned and uncomfortable.

Three easy steps to a dazzling smile with veneers

  1. Your dentist will discuss your requirements, your cosmetic goals and examine your mouth to ensure you’re an ideal candidate for veneers.
  2. Your teeth will be prepared to ensure the veneers adhere well and an impression will be made so the lab can carefully craft your veneers.
  3. You’ll be given temporary veneers whilst the permanent ones are made and when they’re ready you’ll return to have them fitted.

Veneers are durable so they can give you a total smile makeover that will last a long time with proper care.

If you’re unhappy about your smile, call Your Family Dental in Merritt Island and ask us about veneers. You’re three steps away from a brand new you.