Your Smile, Our Passion

Are you hiding your smile?

Do you avoid the camera or hide your mouth when speaking because you have missing or diseased teeth? Getting dentures from Merritt Island’s Your Family Dental will transform your appearance and confidence in as little as two visits. Featuring a full set of dentures and innovative options like dentures without gums, our denture lab excels in crafting personalized solutions for every patient's needs.

Full dentures and partial dentures

What are dentures?

Dentures look and function like your natural teeth and the appliances are made to look like realistic gums and bones.

There are two kinds of dentures: full and partial.

Full dentures replace a whole row of missing or diseased teeth and partial dentures fill individual areas of tooth loss.

Dentures can be made of gum-colored resin, porcelain, or metal and are removable or fixed depending on your preferences and your dentist’s recommendations.

Modern dentures with advanced technology

Advanced technology

Dentures are completely different from those you might recall your grandparents wearing.

Recent developments in technology mean you can now get a completely natural look with dentures that are comfortable to wear and easy to keep clean.

They are a discreet solution that gives you a brand-new smile that you’ll want to share with everyone.

Flexible partial dentures allow you to speak and eat normally as they conform to your mouth, and if you have enough healthy bone, your dentist might recommend implant-supported dentures for additional stability.

How do I get a new smile with dentures?

  • Make an appointment to see one of our dentists for a consultation

  • Your expert dentist will examine your mouth, your smile, and your bite before recommending the best type of denture for you.

  • Depending on the type of denture chosen, your dentist may extract some teeth or fit implants and ensure your mouth is clean and healthy.

  • If your gums need time to heal, you’ll be given a temporary appliance to wear

  • Finally, your dentist will fit your dentures and explain how to care for them.

  • You’ll get a brand new smile and a brand new you!

If you’re ready to smile brightly and share it with the world, Call Your Family Dental good denture dentist in Merritt Island today and ask us about our denture options.