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The thought of having a tooth extraction makes many people feel anxious. Maybe you’ve had a bad experience in the past, and it’s one of the reasons you try to avoid visiting the dentist.

Technology and techniques for extracting teeth have advanced greatly in recent years, so if you need this procedure here at Your Family Dental, we strive to make your experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Tooth Extractions

Why teeth might need to be extracted

Sometimes it won’t be possible to save a tooth. A tooth extraction will prevent problems from spreading to other teeth and your gums so for the overall health of your mouth, a tooth will have to be sacrificed.

What happens at a tooth extraction?

First, your dentist will talk you through the procedure and answer any questions you have.

Next, the dentists will inject local anesthesia to number the area around the tooth. After a few minutes, they’ll check if you can feel any sensation and then begin to pull out the tooth.

After the procedure has finished, you’ll be invited to rinse out your mouth and given instructions for aftercare.

It will take a few hours for the anesthesia to wear off, so you may find it difficult to speak clearly or drink quickly, but this is temporary.

Reducing complications after tooth extractions

Reducing complications after tooth extractions

After your tooth extraction, avoid the following:

  • Smoking : Avoid smoking for at least 48 hours as smoke chemicals and the sucking actions can interrupt the blood clot from forming.

  • Eating solids : Wait until the numbness has gone before eating any solids.

  • Aspirin : Aspirin thins the blood and prevents the clot from forming. If pain persists after 48 hours Call our emergency dentists in Merritt Island.

Do I have to live with a gap in my teeth?

No! At Your Family Dentist, we have several options to replace the extracted tooth including dental bridges and dental implants in Merritt Island, FL. Call our office today to discuss your dental needs and let us take care of your smile.